Stavalaura Wines

A Unique Wine Experience


Stavalaura produces wines from three grape varietals grown in our vineyards and also from grapes brought in from several Eastern Washington vineyards renowned for their quality. The three wines currently produced from our own grapes are Pinot Noir, Zweigelt and Golubok. Although Pinot Noir is often a finicky grape to grow and turn into wine, our grapes thus far have been very cooperative. Our Pinot Noir wines are deliciously light and fruity. Each year the vines progressively produce a richer and more interesting taste experience. Our current production is four barrels per year. Our Zweigelt, produced from our Zweigelt-Rebe grapes, is unique with its lighter flavor but dark characteristics derived from its rich skin color. Our production is five barrels per year.

Golubok, our most unusual wine, has intensely deep color and rich flavors coming from both its darkly pigmented pulp, as well as its skin. When tasting our Golubok, one must be prepared for a new experience in wine tasting. There really seems to be no other wine with which to compare the taste because it is so distinctly different. Because of its uniquely beautiful appearance and dark, rich flavors, Stavalaura is planning on an expansion of Golubok vines over the next several years. Our production, at present, is fifteen barrels per year.

Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon and other wines produced at Stavalaura, are from sourced grapes grown in Eastern Washington.

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