About Stavalaura

Stavalaura is a small-batch, family owned and operated vineyard and winery nestled just outside the friendly community of Ridgefield, Washington.  The first Pinot Noir vines were planted in 2003 by owner and winemaker, Joe Leadingham, and his daughter, Laura, for her high school horticulture project.  Those initial vines produced such delicious fruit that Joe was inspired to plant more vines on the family land, eventually expanding his land-holdings to accommodate Golubok (a southern Russian grape), Zweigelt-Rebe (a northern European varietal), and additional Pinot Noir vines (Pommard and 777 clones).   Over time, Joe began crafting wine from his harvest, sharing it with enthusiastic family and friends.  As the years and the harvests progressed, so did more and more positive feedback, inspiring Joe to contemplate going public with his wine.

With the decision to become a business came the question of what to name the winery.  Joe really wanted a name that would be pleasing to the ear, represent the qualities of his wines, and reflect his love of family.  Joe’s childhood family was blessed with one sister, Valerie, among three lively brothers.  As the siblings grew up and grandchildren arrived, plenty of lively boys once again outnumbered three cherished little girls…Stacy, a science oriented engineer, Valerie, the creative artist (named after her Aunt Val) and Laura, blessed with a happy mix of both traits. Although the three girls were uniquely different, when they got together it was sheer delight.  Joe realized that the very traits that these beloved young ladies possess, namely exacting scientific methodology balanced with artistic boldness, are qualities that are required to make an enjoyable, beautiful, unique wine—- thus the name Stavalaura was born.